Events are supposed to be fun. Planning, getting the word out, and flawless execution. That’s us, what we call the frosting.

Darlene Bass

Owner and Chief Event Officer

Colleagues refer to me as the “Networking Queen”. I am the person that knows everyone or can make a call and get you the answer you need. I am comfortable engaging and making connections within diverse groups of all sizes. I love all kinds of events, dogs, gardening, and traveling with my husband(yes the dogs come along).
My career began with Walt Disney’s World College Program. Through my recent 12 years in the events industry, I have had the chance to meet exciting people and experience fascinating events. Mix this all up and pick and choose what tasks we can do for you!


Tina and Lilly

Tina, Office Queen and Head of Security.

Lilly, the Empress of the office is in charge of the naps and snack scheduling.

Both are rescue dogs. The Australian Shepherd breed is known for their high intelligence, herding abilities, and training their people to do good things.

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