Meet our version of the CEO (Chief Event Officer)

Darlene Bass

Event Frosting came to be as a result of turbulent times and the need to focus on bringing positive experiences to the world.

Events have always brought excitement to my life, which is what first attracted me to the industry more than 15 years ago.

Making people smile, and seeing their stress turn into happiness and relief when I’m able to provide on-the-spot solutions to avoid the perception of disaster.

It’s a flow, a learning curve, and sometimes it’s simply organized chaos.

My career started during college in the Walt Disney World College Program. I was an attractions hostess. I took care of Mickey Mouse’s house. For real.

After getting my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, I was off to New York City to work for a top 10 advertising agency.

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As life does, things changed and I relocated to Orlando, FL.

After several years handling customer service for a major car manufacturer, I spent 12 years as an adjuster in the insurance claims world.

Then one day, it was time for something new. Starting over, at the bottom working for a global leader in live events. What started in Orlando quickly turned into a promotion to a sales and production role and a cross-country move to Colorado.

I currently reside in Colorado and enjoy having a variety of clients across the country.

And I’ll tell you all about my dogs anytime you’d like.

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