“We mix the proper planning and budgeting for success.”

— Darlene Bass, Founder of Event Frosting



So you’re having an event and things start piling up. Did you ever wonder, how will I get the word out?

We’ve Got You Covered, And Can Be On Top Of Your Social Media Pages And Websites. Whatever It Takes, We’ll Create The Plan That Fits You Best.

  • Website-do you need one created or updated?
  • Social Media. Are you on the right platforms? Do you need content ideas? Copywriting?
  • Photography. Event Frosting can take care of onsite photography and instant social media postings. We can schedule posts for later. We’ll make sure people know what they missed at your event.
  • Expert advice. We are ready to answer your questions.
  • Signage for your event.

Dip into Social Media

Wishing the social media fairy would swoop in to handle the posting and content creation for you?

We’re offering a package for clients to get their online presence updated with content created for social media.

Simple. Basic. Just a dip into the cool pool of social media.

If you don’t have any social media pages or your website hasn’t been updated in months or years, this is for you!

AFRAID to self-promote but know you need to take the plunge?

YOU need to be in it to win it, as the saying goes.

Our Dip Into Social Media package includes an analysis of your online presence, picking the 3 top channels for your to get started on, and setting up your profile pages. Additional services can be contracted for regularly scheduled posts and up-to-the-minute news.

Extra Details

Sometimes, you just need a sidekick or an extra set of hands “in case something happens.” Standby or at the front door, whatever you need we’ll put together a crew to keep an eye on things or put things back together.

Gift wrapping? Got the goods but need to spiff them up? We can do that. Your supplies or ours. What’s on your list? Gifting? What to buy? Where to buy it?

Invitations. Finding the perfect invitation or announcement for your event.

RSVP management. No need for you to worry about who is coming? Who isn’t coming? What the heck does “maybe” coming to an event mean? Tell us how you want to proceed with timelines and communications (email, phone, text, in-person). All you will see is the final guest list.

Concierge service coordination. Greeters, valet, caterers, decor, entertainment, we’ve got connections everywhere.

Holiday parties to picnics.

Private residence or business celebrations.

References are available upon request.